Insight w/ Anis Farooqui Episode No: 103

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Guest(s): Dr.Ilmana Fasih Broadcast Date: Friday, 10th Feb 2017

Description: United Way of Peel 'longest night' eradication of homelessness - Insight with Anis Ep103 (2/2)

Episode No: 10108

Guest(s): Hussain Haqqani

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 18th Mar 2017

Description: Stop Treating Patriotic Citizens of Pakistan as Traitors - Insight with Anis Farooqui Ep108 (2/2)

Episode No: 10104

Guest(s): Berrsiter Usman Ali

Broadcast Date: Friday, 17th Feb 2017

Description: #M103 by MP Iqra Khalid - #Islamophibia - Insight with Anis Farooqui Ep104 (2/2)