Jaiza Episode No: 2066

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Guest(s): Dr. Ahmad Imran Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Aug 2017

Description: Nawaz Sharif Samit three Application in Supreme Court-Jaiza Ep66 Part 3 of 4

Episode No: 30111

Guest(s): Malik Imran

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 14th Mar 2018

Description: Muslim Liberal Women Hifza Musa | Vote ON March 18 - Jaiza Ep111 (4/4)

Episode No: 20128

Guest(s): Hadi Ali Chaudhary

Broadcast Date: Monday, 28th May 2018

Description: Punjab Government facilitates Mob to destroy 130 year old Ahmadi Mosque in Sialkot-Jaiza Ep128 (3/3)