All Episodes of Password

Episode No: 123

Guest(s): Barrister Javed Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 21st Jul 2018

Description: Password Ep123

Episode No: 122

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 3rd Jul 2018

Description: Password Ep122

Episode No: 121

Guest(s): Barrister Javed Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 3rd Jun 2018

Description: Password Ep121

Episode No: 120

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 6th Mar 2018

Description: Postcolonial Culture of India & Pakistan - Password Ep120

Episode No: 119

Guest(s): Syed Sohail Mashadi

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 13th Feb 2018

Description: Future of Mahajirs and MQM? - Password Ep119

Episode No: 118

Guest(s): Hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 7th Feb 2018

Description: Rape of Pakistan - Password Ep118

Episode No: 117

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 30th Nov 2017

Description: Relation of Religion & Social Corruption - Direct or Inverse? - Password Ep117

Episode No: 116

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Monday, 20th Nov 2017

Description: Pakistan After 70 Years - Prof.Mubarak Ali - Password Ep116

Episode No: 115

Guest(s): Advocate Javed Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Friday, 17th Nov 2017

Description: Pakistan Global Image - Perception & Causes - Password Ep115

Episode No: 114

Guest(s): Syed Noorul Husnain

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 29th Oct 2017

Description: 'Chand Ham Sey Batey Kerta Hey' a novel by Noorul Husnain - Password Ep114

Episode No: 113

Guest(s): Zeshan Hashim

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 2nd Aug 2017

Description: Password Ep113

Episode No: 112

Guest(s): Dr. Khalid Sohail & Shahid Akhtar

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 25th Jul 2017

Description: The Seeker - Dr. Khalid Sohail & Shahid Akhtar - Password Ep112

Episode No: 111

Guest(s): Dr. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 15th Jun 2017

Description: Are we all turning into Mindless Internet Zombies? - Password Ep111

Episode No: 110

Guest(s): satyapul anand

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Apr 2017

Description: Religion , philosophy & Literature. Password Ep110

Episode No: 109

Guest(s): Dr.Mubarak ali

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Apr 2017

Description: Politicization of National days & History of Pakistan. Password Ep109

Episode No: 108

Guest(s): Munir Sami

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Mar 2017

Description: What's going on around us? Password Ep108

Episode No: 107

Guest(s): Saeed Ibrahim

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 8th Mar 2017

Description: Sex and Society - Dialogue is important! Password Ep107

Episode No: 106

Guest(s): Mirza Yasin Baig

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 1st Mar 2017

Description: Humours Expressions of the Bitter Realities - Desi Life in Canada & Parchey. Password Ep106

Episode No: 105

Guest(s): Dr.Mubarak ali

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017

Description: Clash of Secular civilization within Muslim society: Password Ep105

Episode No: 104

Guest(s): Dr.Khalid Sohail

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 12th Jan 2017

Description: Junaid Jamshed, Tableeghi Jama\'at, & Existential Crises (Part2). Password Ep104

Episode No: 103

Guest(s): Prof. Auj-e-Kamal

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 21st Dec 2016

Description: Future of Indo-Pak & America through stoning by clash of civilizations? Password Ep103

Episode No: 102

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016

Description: Junaid Jamshed, Tableeghi Jama\'at and Islamic Extremism - Password Ep102

Episode No: 101

Guest(s): Hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 30th Nov 2016

Description: Indian Muslims Vs Pakistani Hindus; Password Ep101

Episode No: 100


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Oct 2016

Description: Password Special Ep100

Episode No: 99

Guest(s): hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 19th Oct 2016

Description: Fake Muslim Brotherhood & Freedom of Bangladesh - Password Ep99

Episode No: 98

Guest(s): Dr. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Oct 2016

Description: Isn\'t Ware itself a crime? Password Ep98

Episode No: 97


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 14th Sep 2016

Description: Future of Pakistan and Muhajir: Password Ep97

Episode No: 91


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 19th Apr 2016

Description: Rohzin, A Novel by Rahman Abbas. Password Ep91

Episode No: 90


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 12th Apr 2016

Description: Baluchistan Past , Present & Future. Password Ep90

Episode No: 89


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 5th Apr 2016

Description: Punjab - Past , Present , Future? Password Ep89

Episode No: 88


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 30th Mar 2016

Description: Love , Creativity & Spirituality. Password Ep88

Episode No: 87


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 22nd Mar 2016

Description: Sindh - Past , Present , Future ? Password Ep87

Episode No: 84


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2016

Description: Password Ep84

Episode No: 82


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Dec 2015

Description: Why the Muslim culture continue to clash. Password Ep82

Episode No: 80


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Nov 2015

Description: Has Pakistan trapped or have the Super Powers trapped Pakistan? Password Ep80

Episode No: 68


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 28th Apr 2015

Description: Are Religion and Nationalism False Subconsciousness? Password Ep68

Episode No: 66


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 24th Mar 2015

Description: Is Veil (Burqa/Hijab) a sign of Islamic fundamentalism? Password Ep66

Episode No: 65


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Mar 2015

Description: Saudi Arabia & Iran- The Real enemies of Islam. Password Ep65

Episode No: 64


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Feb 2015

Description: : The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State - Chasing a Mirage by Tarek Fatah. Password Ep64

Episode No: 62


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 13th Jan 2015

Description: The Down Fall of Pakistan and Rise of India. Password Ep62

Episode No: 61


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 24th Dec 2014

Description: Whither Pakistan? Password Ep61

Episode No: 60


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 2nd Dec 2014

Description: From Holy War to Global Peace. Password Ep60

Episode No: 58


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014

Description: Immigrants-Confusion of unknown Origin? Password Ep58

Episode No: 57


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014

Description: Linguistic Crises in the Global World - Password Ep57

Episode No: 56


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014

Description: Clash of Civilization Password Ep56

Episode No: 54

Guest(s): Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 27th Aug 2014

Description: Link between Nationalism,Religionism & the Brutality of humanity Password Ep54

Episode No: 51

Guest(s): Dr Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Jul 2014

Description: History of Revolution in the World & Pakistan Password Ep51

Episode No: 50


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 1st Jul 2014

Description: Politics Religion & Urdu Language Password Ep50

Episode No: 49


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Jun 2014

Description: Are Religions unfair to women? Password Ep49

Episode No: 48

Guest(s): Arshad Mahmood

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 3rd Jun 2014

Description: Racism God Gifted or Human Created. Password Episode 48

Episode No: 47

Guest(s): Arshad Mahmood & Waqar Raees

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 20th May 2014

Description: Password Ep47

Episode No: 46

Guest(s): Dr khalid sohial

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Apr 2014

Description: Theism, Atheism and Humanism - Password Ep46

Episode No: 45

Guest(s): Perveez Hoodbhai

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 8th Apr 2014

Description: Clash Between Faith and Intellect - Password Ep45

Episode No: 44

Guest(s): Prof Mehdi Hassan

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 25th Mar 2014

Description: Islam Religion of Peace or Violence - Password Ep44

Episode No: 43


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 18th Mar 2014

Description: Ultimate fate of Pakistan - Password Ep43

Episode No: 42


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 11th Mar 2014

Description: Pakistan.... Sunni State? - Password Ep42

Episode No: 41

Guest(s): Dr : Pervez Hoodbhoy

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Mar 2014

Description: Clash between Modern & Traditional Civilization - Password Ep41

Episode No: 40


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Feb 2014

Description: Link between Sexuality & Spirituality - Password Ep40

Episode No: 38


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 31st Dec 2013

Description: Pre - Islamic History of the World (Part 1) - Password Ep38

Episode No: 37


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 24th Dec 2013

Description: Religion Language and Culture as Political Weapons - Password Ep37

Episode No: 36


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2013

Description: Mosque and Military - Password Ep36

Episode No: 34


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 20th Nov 2013

Description: Gopi Chand Narang on \"Katha Char Jana\'mo Ki\" by Dr.Satyapal Anand - Password Ep34

Episode No: 33


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013

Description: Failure of Ideological States in the Betterment of Humanity - Password Ep33

Episode No: 32

Guest(s): Prof Mubarak Haider

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 28th Aug 2013

Description: The Narcissism of the Muslim Civilization - Password Ep32

Episode No: 31


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 7th Aug 2013

Description: Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed - Pakistan The Garrison State - Password Ep31

Episode No: 30

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 3rd Jul 2013

Description: Imperialism and Orientalism - Munir Pervaiz Saami - Password Ep30

Episode No: 29

Guest(s): Prof Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 29th Jun 2013

Description: Prof Mubarak Ali on Abuse of History in Pakistan - Password Ep29

Episode No: 28

Guest(s): Tarek Fatah

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 18th Jun 2013

Description: Is Islamism Anti Imperialism? Password Ep28 - Tarek Fatah

Episode No: 27

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 25th May 2013

Description: Prof. Mubarak Ali on Sectarianism in Pakistan - History & Solution - Password Ep27

Episode No: 25


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 16th Apr 2013

Description: Password Ep25

Episode No: 24


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 3rd Apr 2013

Description: Password Ep24

Episode No: 23

Guest(s): Professor.Mubarak Ali - Historian & Scholar Barrister Hamid Bashani - Writer & Social Activist

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 9th Mar 2013

Description: Password Ep23 - Prof. Mubarak Ali & Hamid Bashani on Is Islam a Religion or a Political Ideology?

Episode No: 22

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 2nd Mar 2013

Description: Password Ep22 - Munir Saami on Is Islam a Religion or a Political Ideology?

Episode No: 21

Guest(s): Shahid Aktar

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013

Description: Is Islam a religion or a political ideology?

Episode No: 10

Guest(s): - Tarek Fatah

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Dec 2012

Description: Password Ep10 - Tarek Fatah on the Future of Pakistan