'Teefa in Trouble' first Pakistani film to be released in 25 countries, including Russia

Posted In: News Date:Jul 19th, 2018

Teefa in Trouble, Pakistan’s biggest and most expensive film is all set to be released worldwide tomorrow. 

Ahead of the release of the rom-com action film, lead actor Ali Zafar made a grand appearance in the UK. The renowned singer, actor and artist took to the stage in front of thousands of fans in Birmingham and Sandwell Mela to introduce his upcoming film and performed on some of the songs of the film.

Zafar, who’s also the writer and producer of the much-awaited film, told Geo News that Teefa’s journey from the streets of Lahore to the countryside of Poland is full of action, romance and comedy which make it a perfect “Masala” entertainer but of a different type which people of all ages will enjoy.

“Yeh Teefa Kaun Hey” — answering this question, Zafar said, “Teefa is the main character or I should say a 'Karakter' who lives in the old city of Lahore and works for a notorious gangster called 'Butt Sahab' and does various types of jobs for him, including kidnapping. Trouble begins when Teefa is ordered by Butt Sahab to go to Poland to kidnap a girl, 'Anya', who is the daughter of a Polish gangster named 'Bonzo', and then bring her back to Pakistan so his son Billu Butt can marry her.