Amnesty International: Dozens of Children Killed in Philippines War on Drugs

Posted In: News Date:Dec 4th, 2017

The Guardian reported on Monday that Amnesty International said that dozens of children have been killed by police in the ongoing "war on drugs" in the Philippines in the last 18 months.

The human rights group called on the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into crimes against humanity in the violent crackdown that includes an estimated 60 young people that were killed by police and vigilantes.


Some of those young people were targeted during anti-drug raids, while others have been caught in the crossfire.


Amnesty also said some were "riding in tandem" attacks, which are carried out by vigilantes on motorcycles who are often paid for by police.


Relatives of the victims told the rights group how they witnessed a police officer fatally shoot children at point blank range, even as they were begging for mercy.


The killing of 17-year-old student, Kian Delos Santos in August sparked national protests after CCTV footage revealed the student being dragged along the street by two plainclothes officers who previously claimed they shot him in self-defense.


More than 12 officers have been investigated after the case received international attention, but no one has been held responsible for the Santos killing.