Aneel Musarrat says advising Imran Khan for free to build 5 million homes

Posted In: News Date:Sep 12th, 2018

Millionaire British Pakistani entrepreneur Aneel Musarrat has said that he is not taking any formal position in his friend Imran Khan’s cabinet but will be providing advice on Imran Khan’s plans to build 5 million homes.

Since Imran Khan took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan, there have been lot of speculation about the role of Aneel Musarrat whose pictures with Imran Khan and few other top Pakistani officials went viral. The latest speculation involves around images in which the prime minister is chairing a meeting in which British nationals Aneel Musarrat and Sahibzada Jahangir can be seen sitting in the official media – with some in media questioning about their role and position in the new government.

Aneel Musarrat was seen again in the cabinet meeting on Monday where the prime minister chaired meeting to review progress on the formulation of a road-map for construction of five million houses across the country.