Bono's anti-poverty group needles Trudeau for lacking gender equality plan

Posted In: News Date:Apr 26th, 2018

Justin Trudeau is being lampooned in a new video by the anti-poverty organization led by his friend and U2 frontman Bono for not having a concrete plan to advance his feminist agenda at the G7.

The one-minute video by the One Campaign, which is to be released today, pokes fun at the prime minister, citing his many photo-ops, his "cool socks" and even dressing up as Superman for Halloween.

"We like your style, prime minister, like how you play with pandas, photobomb a prom pic, dress up as Superman or show off your cool socks," intones the voiceover, accompanied by various still photos of Trudeau in the aforementioned scenarios.

"You talk a good talk, prime minister. But where's your plan?"

The video says Trudeau's time is running out, with the Charlevoix G7 leaders' summit on the horizon on June 8.