Canada urged to put hold on sending asylum seekers back to Haiti amid violent protests

Posted In: News Date:Jul 11th, 2018

As violent protests continue to roil Haiti, a Quebec-based coalition is calling on Ottawa to put a hold on sending asylum seekers back to the Caribbean nation.

"My concern is that the situation in Haiti is uncertain and there is big turmoil over there," Marjorie Villefranche, director general of Montreal's Maison d'Haïti, told CBC Montreal's Daybreak Wednesday.

"Now we are working with asylum seekers whose demand has been rejected and they have to go."

Haitian families being sent back to Haiti, she said, will face a dangerous situation and "you cannot do that."

Calling it a humanitarian issue, Villefranche said the Haitian Coalition for Migrants, a provincial group formed last year to help migrants of all nationalities, is writing to the federal government today, demanding Canada put Haiti back on the list of countries that migrants cannot be sent back to.

Deportation to Haiti was stopped temporarily after the 2010 earthquake and now, she says, it's time to stop deportations again.