Canadians already quarantined on cruise ship in Japan to be isolated for another 2 weeks at home

Posted In: News Date:Feb 17th, 2020

Canadians on board a cruise ship currently under quarantine in Japanese waters have been provided an escape route, after the Canadian government announced it plans to bring them home due to the "extraordinary circumstances" faced by passengers.

But the offer comes with a catch — those evacuated from the Diamond Princess will have to spend another two weeks in isolation on Canadian soil to make sure that they don't carry the coronavirus that is currently spreading through Asia.

The decision raises questions about whether the government is being over-zealous in its use of quarantine, as the passengers were set to be released this Wednesday if they passed a final health check.

While the government has not given an official date for bringing Canadians home, a passenger on the ship, Julien Bergeron, said he believed they would be flown out of Japan on Tuesday.