Cooperating with Pakistan to crackdown on illegal matchmaking centres: China

Posted In: News Date:Apr 13th, 2019

China is cooperating with Pakistani law enforcement agencies to crackdown against illegal matchmaking centres, the Chinese embassy in Islamabad said on Saturday.

The Chinese embassy was apparently responding to reports that several illegal matchmaking centres in Pakistan are reportedly brokering marriages between Chinese and Pakistani citizens.

“We noticed that recently some unlawful matchmaking centres made illegal profits from brokering cross-national marriages,” the embassy said in a statement. “Both Chinese and Pakistani youths are victims of these illegal agents. Chinese laws and regulations strictly prohibit cross-national matchmaking centres,” the statement read.

No individual is allowed to engage in any form of such an activity by deception or for profit, the statement said.

The embassy also advised both Chinese and Pakistani people to remain vigilant and not be cheated.