Did Shah Rukh Khan just reveal that Dr Jehengir Khan had fallen in love with Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi?

Posted In: News Date:Apr 21st, 2017


Shah Rukh was asked which among Samundar se kabaddi, creaking chair or repair and recycle would he teach his kids and he said, “Not creaking chairs for sure. If you love someone, you must tell them and not keep it to yourself.” There you go! Mystery solved. Now you don’t have to be scratch your heads to figure out what SRK was thinking when Alia left for the last time. Ah…doesn’t it make you want to watch the film again? You can tune in to Zee Cinema at 12 pm on April 23 to enjoy the same.

So what did he choose between the three, you ask. Well, Shah Rukh said, “I like the concept of Samundar Se Kabaddi. It’s not a winning flight rather it would discontinue without any end. But just being able to enjoy a sense of competition, in any aspect, be it in sports or real life is special. You are trying to hold onto something knowing well enough that it couldn’t be held on to. But you don’t give up. You enjoy the game. It’s a concept I believe in; that you play to win but more than that it’s important that you enjoy the game. Because both losing and winning are going to happen in games and in life. And you have to accept that. It’s about just enjoying the game of life so Samundar Se Kabaddi stands for all of that.”