Did The Dictator Just Become The Dictated? Trump, The Saudi Regime And Jamal Khashoggi

Posted In: News Date:Oct 17th, 2018

Despite mounting evidence the Saudi regime was behind the apparent murder of Saudi dissident and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Donald Trump has done his best to defend the Saudi Royal Family.

Known in psychological terms as submissive egocentrism, it’s another hallmark of a dominating ego.
When in this mode of thinking, people gain power through the direct struggle for power but instead, through subservience to those who have power. In other words, they submit to the will of others to get those (powerful) others to act in their selfish interest. This way, people with submissive egos gain indirect power.1 As president, though, a simple gesture like this can weaken liberty here and abroad. It can also lead a nation down a disastrous road.

Freeing Yourself By Enslaving Yourself

Trump and his assertive/submissive egocentric personality didn’t suddenly just happen. Neither did the Saudi regime’s dictatorial influence over his aloof reaction to Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder. For years, it’s been internalized, stroked and even praised as with other dictatorial leaders. What makes this so dangerous for America are his enthusiastic supporters who play both roles too, depending on the situation and system. Nazi Germany and Fascism provides an excellent example, where nearly everyone had to learn to function within both egocentric types. Depending on the context, a hierarchy was established in which everyone was required to give absolute obedience to those above them and to have absolute authority over everyone below them.