Did the Russia-China-SKorean ‘Iron Silk Road Express’ Force Trump to Negotiate With Kim?

Posted In: News Date:Mar 12th, 2018

Known as the “Iron Silk Road Express,” four years ago Russia’s President Vladimir Putin dispatched his most trusted advisor, Yuri Trutnev, to Pyongyang to forgive North Korean debt.1 He also re-launched suspended investments and planned a gas pipeline across their narrow border.

For now, he envisions a Russian-Korean Peninsula rail line that will not only transport goods and services throughout and across the two Koreas, but will allow access to warm water ports in and around the Sea of Japan, East China Sea and Yellow Sea – all gateways to the Pacific Ocean.

For Putin, then, one thing is certain: Russia’s “forgotten neighbor” (North Korea) is no longer forgotten. Nor will there be a nuclear war since his nation plans to benefit from South Korea’s “economic miracle,” all the time checking U.S. military presence in the region