Eid in Hodeidah: Yemenis too poor to eat or flee fighting celebrate holiest night of the year

Posted In: News Date:Jun 15th, 2018

Ahmed Abdullah Nasser sat with his brother and friends on the front in Hodeidah as the sun set over the Red Sea on Thursday night, marking the end of a month of fasting and the beginning of the festival of Eid.

Saudi warships floated in the distance as they celebrated with fish and shisha – both rare and expensive commodities since Yemen’s war broke out three years ago.

There have been no fireworks, or traditional lights hung across the streets, because people can’t afford fuel to run generators.

The 28-year-old bookseller’s wife and two children are in the capital Sanaa, where he thinks they will be safer.

But he misses them dearly at a time that should be spent with family.