Happy Birthday Aamir Khan: Mr. Perfectionist brings the best of Salman and Shah Rukh’s worlds

Posted In: News Date:Mar 13th, 2019

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A vast partial of a stream era has grown adult on a solid diet of 3 Khans in Bollywood. Starting from a 80s, we have seen their films, review tabloids about dual of them fighting and a third one perplexing to make amends. Their bromance on shade and off shade both has enticed us for years and we’re still not over it.

While Salman started as a boy-next-door Prem and gradually changed into a Bhai zone, Shah Rukh, for a many part, has confirmed his partner child image. Aamir Khan, though, never fell into a box that limited him. We knew what we were in for when we went for a Salman Khan film in a 90s, a shirtless act was utterly a fury behind then. We were also prepared to tumble in adore any time we saw Shah Rukh Khan romancing on shade nonetheless it was with Aamir that a assembly was always in for a surprise.

Be it a uncle in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke or a tapori in Rangeela, Aamir put something new on a list and that customarily worked in his favour.

Undoubtedly, there are large fans of Shah Rukh and Salman nonetheless we have mostly seen on amicable media that a fan groups of these actors are always waging fight on any other. But when it comes to Aamir his films, a assembly unites.

In a past few years, these 3 have risen to a stardom that is unprecedented. Hindi film attention had never seen 3 actors order consistently for 3 decades. Now, Salman has combined a new genre for himself, a films that prominence him as a favourite and where he can get divided with anything. Shah Rukh, on a other hand, has consciously been perplexing to mangle out of his partner child picture nonetheless sadly, has not found coherence yet.