India and Pakistan will play a rare cricket match. Fans want more, but politics blocks the way.

Posted In: News Date:Sep 18th, 2018

NEW DELHI — Think of it as a South Asian version of the Red Sox versus the Yankees — that is, if Boston and New York each had nuclear weapons and shared a disputed border.

When India and Pakistan take to the field on Wednesday for a cricket match in Dubai, it will be their first such meeting in over a year and a “mouthwatering” prospect for cricket fans across the subcontinent.

But their desire to see more of one of the greatest rivalries in sports faces a major obstacle: politics.

Over the past decade, the relationship between India and Pakistan has included periods of outright belligerence as well as moments of rapprochement. And the prospects for expanding cricket ties between the two countries have risen and fallen in tandem with the broader tenor of the relationship.

Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan is himself a cricket legend who reportedly would like more matches between the two countries. He even invited several former Indian cricket players to his swearing-in ceremony.