Irrfan Khan opens up about his painful battle with cancer

Posted In: News Date:Jun 19th, 2018

When the Blackmail actor shared the news in March, he said he'll update his fans about his health. As promised, the actor penned a note for Times of India, in which he talked at length about his battle with cancer.

He described his treatment as "a trial-and-error game":

"It’s been quite some time now since I have been diagnosed with a high-grade neuroendocrine cancer. This new name in my vocabulary, I got to know, was rare, and due to fewer study cases, and less information comparatively, the unpredictability of the treatment was more. I was part of a trial-and-error game."

He shared that his illness has caused him a lot of pain:

"In this chaos, shocked, afraid and in panic, while on one of the terrifying hospital visits, I blabber to my son, “The only thing I expect from ME is not to face this crisis in this present state. I desperately need my feet. Fear and panic should not overrule me and make me miserable.”

That was my INTENTION. AND THEN PAIN HIT. As if all this while, you were just getting to know pain, and now you know his nature and his intensity. Nothing was working; NO consolation, no motivation. The entire cosmos becomes one at that moment – just PAIN, and pain felt more enormous than GOD."