It's my dream to be able to play a man: Priyanka Chopra

Posted In: News Date:Aug 8th, 2018

Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra has essayed many diverse roles in her 15-year-old film career, managing to pave her way into the world of Hollywood. However, she isn’t stopping there… she now has her eye on playing a male role, as well as featuring on Broadway too, reported IANS.

At an interactive session for Ficci FLO in New Delhi, Chopra spoke strongly about how her Quantico character Alex Parrish was fearlessly unapologetic – something that all women need to be. “Alex to me is an unapologetic modern female who lives life on her terms. She is extremely flawed, she’s not perfect, she’s a loner, she doesn’t like people, she only uses people… So, she’s basically playing a man, which is awesome, because girls don’t get to play that… And I was like ‘Yes, we get to turn the tables’,” the Mary Kom star said.