Malindi Elmore could be Olympic-bound after shattering Canadian women's marathon record

Posted In: News Date:Jan 20th, 2020

When Malindi Elmore reinvented herself as a marathon runner a year ago, she had no idea it would carry her back to Olympic starting line.

But just two months shy of her 40th birthday, and 16 years after her Olympic debut, Elmore crushed the Canadian women's marathon record on Sunday, all but booking her spot on the team for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

"I hope it happens, it's going to be amazing, and just such an incredible full-circle story for me in my life," Elmore said. "I never thought at 24 that I would be coming back at 40 in the marathon that's for sure."

The Kelowna, B.C., ran two hours 24 minutes 50 seconds to finish third in the Houston Marathon on Sunday, shattering Rachel Cliff's mark of 2:26.56 set in March of last year.