Ortega Blames 'Coup-Mongering Satanic Sect' For More Than 300 Dead in Nicaraguan Unrest

Posted In: News Date:Jul 20th, 2018

Embattled Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega spoke at a rally in Managua to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution but ended up attacking the protesters that have been calling for his resignation as belonging to a "murderous, coup-mongering satanic sect," according to The Guardian.

After a number of international figures and organizations condemned Ortega's own forces and paramilitary forces loyal to the president as being responsible for a large majority of the deadly violence that has plagued Nicaragua since protests first began in mid-April.

Ortega claimed it was a "diabolical force" leading the protesters which were responsible for the bloodshed, claiming the United States and the Catholic Church were part of a conspiracy to remove him from power.

“We have to re-establish order in our country,” Ortega said to a crowd of supporters in the Plaza de la Fe in Managua. “The road isn’t war, but peace and dialogue.”

Rosario Murillo, Ortega's wife and vice president, also blamed the violence on the "perversity of coup-monger terrorism" and said the Ortega administration only wanted peace.

Secretary general of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro passed a resolution which condemned the human rights abuses carried out by the Nicaraguan security forces and called on all sides to return to peace talks.

Uruguay's former leftwing president José Mujica joined the United States State Department and European Union in criticizing Ortega.

Mujica said he was afraid the Sandinista dream was evolving into an autocracy, echoing some of the concerns from protesters who say Ortega is trying to place Murillo in line to continue their rule over the country.