Pakistan aims to reclaim land from mafia, turn it into forests with 10 billion trees

Posted In: News Date:Feb 9th, 2019

Dubai: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Spring 2019 tree plantation drive as part of the 10 billion tree tsunami today.

Khan had announced the 10 billion tree tsunami last year, soon after he took office, and today he tweeted about the inauguration.

@ImranKhanPTI: We are launching our #Plant4Pakistan programme and reclaiming mafia encroached land, converting it into forests and wildlife parks for our future generations to fight climate change and pollution.

The tree planting drive is part of the ‘Prime Minister’s special initiatives’. The poster shared by Khan provided details of the inauguration today at Nankana Sahib, near the city of Lahore, with the message: “Earlier, forests would be captured (by the land mafia). Now the land will be reclaimed and used to grow forests again.”