Pakistan: Infamous bigot preacher Amir Liaquat arrested in Myanmar, deported back to Pakistan

Posted In: News Date:Sep 11th, 2017

In his conversation with the TV channel before his abrupt detention, it was reported that authorities were questioning Liaquat in context of his tweets and TV shows.

Liaquat was in the process making a video message of his own when the immigration authorities interjected and got hold of him, detaining him for several hours.

Now, according to the recent reports, Bol News has confirmed on air that Dr Liaquat was questioned upon arrival in Myanmar and deported back to Pakistan.

Sources close to the incident, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that Liaquat was deemed undesirable due to his misbehavior with Burmese immigration officials and 'falsification' of his travel documents such as 'fake press credentials.'

According a report Bol aired, it was the outlet who had assisted in 'completion' of the documents for Liaquat.

Liaquat has not been known to be a journalist in the past but in a twitter post however, Liaquat had stated he will be seeking an 'UN Journalist Visa.'