People across the globe have a misconception about Indian cinema: Karan Johar

Posted In: News Date:Feb 18th, 2018

"I feel very sad when I still see people across the globe having this misconception about Indian cinema that it is all about song and dance," said the director at the Berlinale 2018.

"This stereotypical view about our films can only be changed when we as part of the entertainment industry go out and tell people that we have much more to offer in terms of storytelling and content than just actors dancing around trees."

However, of late, KJo feels that films like Toilet: Ek Prem KathaPadMan and Bareilly Ki Bar have offered more to than "cliched sequences".

Citing an example of Aamir Khan's films' success in China he said, "India cinema is a victim of misconceptions on global stage. The way Aamir's (Khan) films have been performing in China proves that we can make a huge mark globally. But only dialogue initiated by our filmmakers and actors can bring about this change."