PML-N's exclusion from Senate elections is a 'joke' with the public, Maryam tells crowd in Sargodha

Posted In: News Date:Feb 24th, 2018

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz on Saturday once again lashed out at the judiciary, saying the Supreme Court decision that led to her father Nawaz Sharif's removal as the party's head was a "joke" with the public.

"This joke that has been played on the party symbol, on the PML-N, this joke has not been played on Nawaz Sharif, this joke has been played on you!" she told a massive crowd at a social media convention of the PML-N in Sargodha.

"The biggest party of Pakistan that has millions of voters has been eliminated from Senate elections."

"Tell these geniuses that no one can drive Nawaz Sharif's love from people's hearts. He is not Nawaz Sharif because of his party presidency or because of his premiership. He became Nawaz Sharif with God's blessing and all your love."