Pride Toronto opens door for city police to possibly rejoin summer parade after 2-year ban

Posted In: News Date:Oct 16th, 2018

City police would be allowed to march in the 2019 Pride parade following a two-year ban if they meet Pride Toronto's entrance policy, the organization says.

Canada's largest municipal police force will be able to make a bid to have uniformed officers rejoin the march, which is held every June, Pride Toronto announced Tuesday morning.

Toronto police have been excluded from the festivities since 2017 amid a strained relationship with the LGBTQ community. A difficult history between the force and the city's black community saw safety concerns fester.

Tensions were further inflamed in January following the arrest of accused serial killer Bruce McArthur.

The homicide investigation unearthed several missing persons cases and confirmed decade-old fears that an alleged serial killer was targeting the city's LGBTQ community. It shook residents and saw several groups speak out, saying police didn't take their concerns seriously.