Risk of new coronavirus to Canadians low, health minister says

Posted In: News Date:Jan 24th, 2020

Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu says several people in Canada are under observation for signs they may have contracted a coronavirus from China, but that the risk to Canadians remains low.

Hajdu said five or six people are being monitored in Canada, including at least one in Vancouver and another Quebec.

She said one person was cleared of having the virus, but health officials are monitoring the others.

"At this point, there has not been a positive case in Canada," Hajdu told reporters ahead of a meeting of Liberal MPs on Parliament Hill on Thursday. "The risk is low to Canadians."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters Thursday in Ottawa that his government is taking the outbreak "very seriously."

"Our health minister is engaged with her partners at the provincial level and we're working with international partners as well to ensure that we have the best response possible," Trudeau said.

"We're, of course, looking at any extra measures that need to be taken to keep Canadians safe and to prevent the spread of this virus."