Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif get protection from UAE army as they shoot at the Mezyad border

Posted In: News Date:Oct 16th, 2018

While the Bollywood is under pressure of the #MeToo movement there are celebrities working day and night to keep up with their tight and difficult shooting schedules. Same is the case with the cast of Bharat, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are back again with yet another film this time however things are difficult as Priyanka Chopra stepped back from this film and Kaif had to fill in for her.

The excruciating heat in Al Ain isn’t making things any easy. The cast and crew headed to Abu Dhabi for the shooting of this film at the Mezyad border which is very close to the Oman forces, UAE has provided the team with the best security and at the top of everything to ensure maximum protection security guards from Dome agency have been hired.

This is not the only issue, heat at the border is making the shoot very difficult due to which there are special air conditioned tent provided to the cast and crew alongside 15 fully equipped vanity vans at the site. The film is a remake of Korean social drama ‘Ode To My Father.’