Shatrughan Sinha says Sonakshi warned Kapil Sharma about not crossing the line with her dad

Posted In: News Date:Aug 9th, 2018

Shatrughan Sinha has called out comedian Kapil Sharma for ‘crossing the line’ while mimicking him. Sinha, a yesteryear star and current Member of Parliament, even said that his daughter, actor Sonakshi Sinha, had to reprimand Kapil for his jokes.

Sonakshi has appeared on numerous occasions on Kapil’s shows, which were once favourite pit stop on actors’ publicity tours. Kapil has since fallen out of favour, after several incidences of alleged unprofessionalism. The comedian would often cancel episodes of his show, which he blamed on overwork and a packed schedule. It was later reported that the comedian suffers from alcoholism and depression.

“I am sporting enough to take it on the chin,” Shatrughan said, according to a report in India Today. “All the greats Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Amitabh Bachchan have mimics impersonating them. It is fine, as long as the mimicry does not cross the limits of decency. This happened to me when Kapil Sharma made fun of me on his show. My daughter Sonakshi even reprimanded him. The mimic should not forget that he is paying a homage to a man or a woman he or she admires. Limits of decency should not be crossed. Also, the mimicry should be restricted to the stage, and not taken out on the streets and certainly not into the Parliament.”

Kapil was also involved in a very public meltdown after voice recordings of him verbally abusing a journalist were shared online. Kapil was most recently spotted last week, when a picture of him posing with his pet dog were shared by his fan clubs. Fans also expressed concern when a picture of his, in which he is seen shopping in an Amsterdam supermarket went viral. In the picture, Kapil appeared to have put on a lot of weight.