Singh says he'll talk with Trudeau only if it's in private and politics-free

Posted In: News Date:Sep 21st, 2019

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said today he'd be happy to talk with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to discuss racism in the wake of the prime minister's blackface revelations — provided the conversation happens in private and is not used for political purposes.

"His office reached out and I have indicated that I am open to having a conversation, as long as it remains private and I am not in any way used as a way for the Liberal Party to redeem the situation," Singh told CBC Radio's The House in an interview airing Saturday. "That is for Canadians to make the decision."

Singh first said that he would be willing to speak with Trudeau earlier Friday in Windsor, Ont. Asked why he wanted the talk to take place in private, Singh said he wanted to ensure the conversation is sincere.

"I don't want the conversation that I have with Mr. Trudeau to be used as a tool in his exoneration, or to be used as a way for him to say, 'I've had a conversation with a racialized leader and now I've done my job,'" he said.

That discussion was not expected to take place by Friday night.