Somalia Appeals For Blood Donations After Truck Bombing Kills More Than 300

Posted In: News Date:Oct 17th, 2017

Somalia is requesting blood donations to help those that were wounded in a massive truck bombing in the capital city of Mogadishu on Saturday, which killed at least 300 people, according to BBC News.

Information Minister Abdirahaman Osman said the death toll was still likely to rise since more than 300 people were also injured in the deadliest terror attack in Somalia in over 10 years.

Two planes of medical aid have already arrived from the United States and Qatar, with Turkey and Djibouti sending humanitarian assistance on Monday and a Turkish military plane taking 30 of the injured to Turkey for medical treatment.

Osman thanked all the hundreds of Mogadishu residents that had donated blood after the attack since Somalia does not have its own blood bank,

Osman also said the attack was likely carried out by the Islamist al-Shabab group, that is linked to al-Qaeda.