Sunil Grover and I will sort our issues out: Kapil Sharma

Posted In: News Date:Mar 20th, 2017

However, Kapil took to social media to clear the misunderstandings regarding his alleged feud with Grover.  He wrote, “[I] was celebrating my best time and suddenly I hear news about me and Sunil paji fighting….. where is it coming from...”

He accepted that he did indeed shout at Grover for the first time in five years. But went ahead and said, “it is our family matter. We will sort this out.” He claimed that there are often issues between families too but they are sorted out.

Kapil also shared the respect he has for Grover. “I love him as an artist [and] as a human being. He is like much elder brother.”

However, Kapil’s endeavoured to raise his voice against media speculation and the effect it has on a relationship between two colleagues. He claimed that Grover is like family to him because of the time they spend shooting together. He wrote, “we eat together. We travel together,” adding that their scuffle is not as important as country’s security.