The Bachchans will not be celebrating Diwali this year. And it’s because of Aishwarya

Posted In: News Date:Oct 18th, 2017

Last year, social media was filled with inside pictures shared by the celebrities and one was sure that such a bash would take place this year as well given how close the Bachchans are to the festival of Diwali.

However, in 2017, Amitabh Bachchan and Co. will be refraining from any Diwali celebrations and the reason has got to do with his daughter-in-law and Abhishek Bachchan’s wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The family will not be celebrating Diwali because of the passing away of Aishwarya’s father, Krishnaraj Rai, in March 2017, reported Pinkvilla. As per rituals, the family of the deceased minimize their festive celebrations for a year. Hence, the Bachchans will not be celebrating Diwali this year and will instead stay back at home for a quiet affair with family.

Now, that is a thoughtful gesture indeed!

Meanwhile, the entire family flew to Maldives for Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday and instead of arranging a big party for his industry’s friends, Big B kept his birthday celebrations to a minimum.

Talking about his birthday celebrations, Big B revealed in a blog, “After 75 years, you run away from it all .. there is apprehension and embarrassment of celebration .. of what expression to be worn and where .. to what must there be celebration of gift .. and the list of guests to be in proper shades of etiquette .. the care and hospitality, the personal touch of host formality, the … many objects and lists and meetings later .. it merely succumbs to the ultimate argument .. all this for getting a year closer to the final closure.”

The actor added, “And today as I sit by myself in elated company of the near and the dear .. listen and read and get enveloped by the reams of praise and effects that my presence has supposedly created .. there is fear .. A fear of losing myself.”