Thousands Protest Against Labor Law Reform by Macron in France

Posted In: News Date:Sep 12th, 2017

France's new President Emmanuel Macron faced his first major challenge as thousands took to the streets to protest against his business-friendly labor reform agenda on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Philippe Martinez, head of the Communist Party-linked CGT union called the reforms a “social coup d‘etat” and took offense at Macron’s pledge to give no ground to “slackers."


Labor unions have fought against previous attempts at reforming France's labor laws, but Macron seems to be edging closer to a victory since two other unions, including the largest CFDT, declined to participate in the protests.


The government releases measures last month that would put a cap on payouts for dismissals judged unfair and greater freedom for companies to hire and fire.


The reform doesn't reference the 35-hour week, though it does cause some to worry about giving more flexibility in setting pay and working conditions.


The government plans to adopt the new measures, being implemented by decree, on Sept. 22.