Trudeau celebrates his second anniversary on the defensive: Aaron Wherry

Posted In: News Date:Oct 19th, 2017

As Justin Trudeau stood on a riser in a Montreal hotel ballroom on the night of Oct. 19, 2015, basking in the glow of victory, there was nothing to be said about the taxation of passive investment income, no questions about Bill Morneau's stock portfolio or a villa in France.

"Sunny ways, my friends," the new prime minister said. "Sunny ways."

One day short of two years later, Trudeau sat in the House of Commons yesterday and listened as the leader of the Opposition lamented for the state of things.

"Another day," said Andrew Scheer, "another scandal for the finance minister."

Such is political life, of course. No Opposition leader goes four years without finding something to complain about. No government goes a full term without finding trouble. In between the graceful speeches of each election night, it is mostly yelling and screaming.

The question in October 2017 is whether the Liberals are getting into the sort of trouble that could prevent Trudeau from accepting victory again in 2019.