Trudeau to speak to Canadians after 3M faces continued pressure over mask exports

Posted In: News Date:Apr 4th, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to deliver his daily address to Canadians Saturday, as a major medical device manufacturer remains under continued pressure from the United States to cease its exports of N95 masks.

The prime minister is expected to provide more details on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Canada's vulnerable populations — but questions about the equipment dispute will likely be top of mind.

On Friday, Minnesota-based company 3M revealed that because of the Trump administration's invocation of the Defence Production Act — which allows the president to boost industrial production of critically needed goods — the manufacturer is under orders not to send U.S.-made masks to other countries, including Canada.

In a statement, 3M said that halting such exports could adversely affect America's own supply if other countries choose to retaliate, prompting President Donald Trump to reveal that his administration was "not at all happy" with the company.