Trudeau under renewed attack for Bahamas vacation

Posted In: News Date:May 17th, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came under renewed attack Tuesday in the House of Commons over his vacation on a private Bahamas island, following the revelation that the Aga Khan's island is legally owned by a company with ties to corporations located in countries known to be tax havens.

New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair led off with his questioning about the island's ownership structure.

"The prime minister's explanation of his now infamous vacation is so full of holes and contradictions it is starting to sound like a White House press briefing," he told the House.

"The prime minister broke the law by taking a private helicopter to the island. He defended this by saying that it was simply a family vacation with a family friend along with a few senior Liberals. Now we learn that the island doesn't actually belong to the family friend. So will the prime minister finally own up to this entire mess and admit that he should never have taken that exclusive holiday?"

Mulcair also called on Trudeau to admit that the helicopter used by the Aga Khan was not the only way to get to Bell Island.