Trudeau's India mission mixes global business with local politics

Posted In: News Date:Feb 17th, 2018

Former B.C. Premier Ujjal Dosanjh believes one thing has remained constant since his time in office as the first Indian-Canadian to govern a province.

"Trade still doesn't amount to much," he said. "Since the time I was premier, prime ministers and premiers have been going over and yet trade just hasn't grown as much as it could."

Two-way trade between Canada and India amounts to only about $8 billion annually — a number Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hopes to improve with a state visit that begins this weekend. He has multiple meetings planned with Indian CEOs and business leaders over the coming days.

That $8 billion figure is rather anemic, considering that India is poised to surpass China to become the world's largest nation by population by roughly 2025.