Trump endangers regional stability and Nawaz Sharif’s statement

Posted In: News Date:May 14th, 2018

Pakistan is twin target of American policy towards Iran and Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Trump’s success in tackling North Korean has given him confidence to be more reckless. Pakistan must put its own house in order; we must not create new fissures to give space to outsiders to take advantage,” says Wajid Shamsul Hasan, former High Commissioner of Pakistan to UK.

Pakistan is understandably upset at the unilateral move by US. The negative impact of scrapping the deal will have a spillover effect on bilateral engagements/agreements between Iran and Pakistan. This includes the gas pipeline project between the two, which will go in further delay.

Pakistan’s position is prickly to say the least. Pakistan is looking towards a bailout from China ad Saudi Arabia to cover the country’s external account deficit in 2018-9 budget instead of asking the IMF. These ‘friendly’ countries have been asked to supply with $6 to $8 billion in form of cash grants. Saudi Arab can grant cash grants or oil at deferred payments.

US and Pakistan’s fallout has been taking place surely but gradually under Trump. The difference is based on differing approaches to regional issues. In an announcement to US to limit movement of Pakistani diplomats in US in the third week of April 2018, it is interesting that the response from Pakistan’s foreign office has come on heels of US decision to walk out of Iran Nuclear deal on May 11, 2018, “Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammed Faisal said that the restrictions will be implemented on May 11 and these will be on a reciprocal basis.