Trump impeachment: Democrats hope relentless barrage of evidence and oratory whets appetite for more witnesses

Posted In: News Date:Jan 24th, 2020

As the impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump enters its fourth day in the U.S. Senate, stamina is waning.

Among viewers at home, interest has dropped off - from about 11 million viewers to a little less than nine million, or about seven per cent of those expected to vote in the November 2020 election.

In the halls of the Senate, the press corps is getting restless, still chasing every media availability but privately cursing the long hours they've put in covering a trial that has stretched beyond nine hours each of the past three days.

On the Senate floor, while some senators keenly flip through massive binders of supporting documentation, highlighting relevant sections, others slouch, yawn or slip in and out of the chamber, where strict rules dictate they're only allowed to consume milk or water.

Democrats are hoping they can sustain the punishing pace for at least one more day as they wrap up their case against the president Friday and make a final push to convince the Senate and the American people that Trump's attempt to pressure Ukraine to investigate a political rival was a brazen abuse of power intended to give him an advantage in the 2020 election.