Trump reiterates offer to mediate between India, Pakistan on Kashmir

Posted In: News Date:Feb 25th, 2020

NEW DELHI: US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that his administration enjoys good relations with Prime Minister Imran Khan and Modi, reiterating his offer to mediate between both countries again on the issue of Kashmir .

Speaking to media, the US president said that he had good relations with Prime Minister Imran Khan and once again, repeated the offer to mediate between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir.

In response to a question, Trump said that he and Modi "talked a lot about Pakistan".

"I have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Khan," he said, stating that his relationship with "both gentlemen [Modi and Imran Khan] is so good".

He said that "there has been difficulty in Pakistan and we're seeing what we can do about it". "Anything I can do to mediate, and to help I would. They're working on Kashmir. Kashmir has been a thorn in a lot of people's sides for a long time and there are two sides to every story, but they have been working on that for a long time" he said.

The US president said that "Modi will take care of it [terrorism]," saying that the issue was at the forefront of the Indian prime minister's agenda.

In response to a question, Trump said that he discussed the issue of religious freedom in India, saying that he got a very "powerful answer" from the Indian prime minister.

"We talked about religious liberty for a long time, in front of a lot of people and I had a very, very powerful answer from him [Modi]," he said.

When asked about India's controversial citizenship law, Trump said he did not want to comment on it. "I want to leave that to India and hopefully they will make the right decision for the people," he said.

"You have been criticised for your policies against Muslims, so were you in a position to talk about the current Indian polices,” asked a reporter. At this, the US president replied: “I won the travel ban, and we use it where we think it is necessary, and not based on a religion. We won it in the Supreme Court and we bar those people from travelling to our country who might hurt our citizens,” he said.