US commission 'alarmed' by Indian citizenship bill, urges Washington to take effective action

Posted In: News Date:Dec 13th, 2019

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, which is an independent federal government entity established by the US Congress to report on threats to religious freedom, on Thursday urged the US government to take effective action against India over the successful passage of a controversial citizenship bill in the Indian parliament.

In a message shared on the social networking website Twitter late on Thursday, the commission, which makes foreign policy recommendations to the US President and the US Secretary of State, said that it was alarmed over the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Bill by New Delhi. The passage of the bill has triggered violent protests in the Hindu-majority country.

In the message, the commission also shared an internet link to an earlier statement in which the religious freedom body had warned that it would propose sanctions against senior members of the Indian leadership if the bill was enacted as law. Now that the bill has passed the Upper House of the Indian parliament, the body reiterated the call for punitive action.