U.S. Tones Down North Korean Security Council Resolution To Gain China, Russia Approval

Posted In: News Date:Sep 11th, 2017

In the original draft the U.S. planned to submit, it had originally pushed for a strict oil embargo, as well as a freeze on the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the report said.


But late Sunday, diplomats said the asset freeze had been dropped from the draft, and it now foresaw a progressive tightening of the oil embargo, instead of something sudden and complete, AFP reported.


Among other concessions, the new text proposal also softens restrictions on North Koreans working overseas, and on the inspection by force of ships suspected of carrying cargo prohibited by the UN, the report said.


Of the five key original measures, a ban on textile exports from North Korea remained.


Permanent Security Council members Britain and France – along with the U.S., China and Russia – have given Washington their unequivocal backing, the report said.