Valentine's Day 2018: How Donald trumped men from around the world and married fashion model Melania

Posted In: News Date:Feb 14th, 2018

Despite a string of high-profile controversial relationships in the past, US President Donald Trump's love stories need no introduction. The former business mogul-turned-political leader who had been romantically involved with tennis stars and supermodels has had his share of fun in the dating space.

However, instead of digging up old stories from the past, the 71-year-old world leader is now happily married to his then fashion model girlfriend from Slovenia, Melania Trump. After tying the knot in 2005, their marriage which seemed all sunshine and rainbows, in the beginning, was, however, later plagued with marital troubles. Till date.

Since it is Valentine's Day, let's focus on the 'sunshine and rainbow' aspect of their love story. Here's how it all started!