Zack Snyder Reveals New Image Of Henry Cavill As Superman From 'Man Of Steel'

Posted In: News Date:Feb 25th, 2018

It's always fun to go through old boxes and see what you find, and for Zack Snyder, that means new pictures from Man of Steel.

Granted, it was a digital box, but the same point applies. Snyder shared a new image of Henry Cavill in his Superman suit from Man of Steel, with the caption "Found this guy." Some people find old frames, others find X-Men Pogs (yep, that was me), but Snyder finds cool unearthed Superman images. So yeah, a little jealous, not going to lie.

The image itself is from the battle on the streets, as Superman is standing in the middle of several pockets of rubble. You can check out the image below.