Canada's entertainment industry pushes for concrete change #AfterMeToo

Posted In: News Date:Dec 5th, 2017

Sarah Polley reflects on the landslide of revelations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment business.

"We've all been complicit in this culture: we've all seen things, we've let them slide. We would have never gone to a producer to report it, because no one would have cared. Right? That was the culture — we were all used to it," the Canadian actress and activist said last week at a Toronto panel discussing sexual harassment in the film industry. 

But "that complicity is changing," she says.

What's galvanized Polley, industry leaders and activists in this climate — where sexual misconduct is being called out and dozens of power players are tumbling — is the opportunity for a significant cultural shift towards safer, gender-balanced and more diversified workplaces.