Iqra Aziz talks about marriage, love, trust and consent

Posted In: News Date:Apr 20th, 2019

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has touched on a very sensitive issue of marital abuse, while keeping its viewers on edge on whether Bhola and Noori will make it or break up as a couple with Sahir in the picture.

Iqra Aziz has shed some light on this topic, while sharing her thoughts on the most critical issue of marital rape in our society.

Marriage and post–marriage issues are often not discussed in our society and marital abuse and rape is just brushed off as a non-issue as women in our social set up are often not aware of what their rights are.

Iqra Aziz playing Noori’s character has magnificently portrayed the different shades of her character, who when faced with a catch-22 situation decides to get married to the mentally challenged but delightful character Bhola played by Imran Ashraf, who over dozed on medicine violates Noori’s trust.

Iqra raised her voice on the issue as awareness is the only cure to many a problems that our closed society is facing at the moment.

‘One of the most pressing issues today, that we don’t talk about is that we think of marriage as a binding contract to anything and everything, but marriage is based on trust and love and consent. Consent to live, to breathe, to be able to say no.’ Though not revealing the plot of the show Iqra prayed that Bhola and Noori get their happily ever after. ‘I hope #nooriandbhola live happily ever after and let’s see how #noori tackles with all the problems and #sahir in this situation,’ she added.