Justin Trudeau puts Donald Trump on notice over Bombardier tariffs

Posted In: News Date:Oct 12th, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put Donald Trump on notice over the aerospace spat between Boeing and Bombardier, saying if the U.S. president goes ahead with the nearly 300 per cent tariffs on Bombardier, it will “block” the Canadian Armed Forces from purchasing Boeing fighter jets.

Speaking at the Canadian Embassy in Washington on Wednesday, Trudeau said he warned Trump that if U.S. authorities slap the tariffs on imports of Bombardier C-Series aircrafts, it will prevent the Canadian government from purchasing new fighter jets from Boeing.

“I highlighted to the president how we disagree vehemently with commerce’s decision to bring in countervailing and anti-dumping duties against Bombardier, that we feel this is not something that is warranted and quite frankly something that we look very negatively upon,” Trudeau said following a bilateral meeting with Trump. “The attempt by Boeing to put tens of thousands of aerospace workers out of work across Canada is not something we look on positively and I certainly mentioned that this was a block to us purchasing, making any military procurements from Boeing.”