Kargil episode: Clinton promised Nawaz to help restore Pak-India dialogue, excerpts from book

Posted In: News Date:Jun 12th, 2018

The then US president Bill Clinton had warned former prime minister Nawaz Sharif of the dangers of a war with India amid the Kargil crisis, claims Srinath Raghavan in his book ‘The Most Dangerous Place’.

The book details the history of US involvement in South Asia, discussing its engagement with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It looks at how the US has been a crucial player in regional affairs even as South Asia experienced tumultuous changes, says foreign media.

According to the author, “On 3 July [1998], as Sharif flew to Washington, American intelligence found evidence that the Pakistanis were preparing the nuclear arsenal for possible deployment. Clinton’s officials, Talbot recalled, had ‘a sense of vast and unprecedented peril’. Memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis came flooding back. Ahead of the meeting with Sharif, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger told the President that the objective was not only to induce a Pakistani withdrawal but also to help Sharif stay on in power. The fact that the prime minister was coming to Washington with his family suggested that he was unsure of his position at home. Talbot added that Clinton must also bear in mind Indian sensitivities. The United States seemed poised to clear decades of mistrust in India about American attitude towards Pakistan.”