Kashmir can be best resolved through talks with separatists, Pakistan, but China factor looms large

Posted In: News Date:Jul 15th, 2017

New Delhi needs to be extremely cautious to ensure it doesn't unwittingly follow the roadmap the China-Pakistan axis has charted out with regards to Kashmir. While moving towards talks with Pakistan on one hand and with separatists within Kashmir on the other, the government must first figure out the desired endgame of the Sino-Pak axis, and what steps the duo has charted together as a lead-up to it.

It has been obvious for years that street rage in the Valley and Pakistan's renewed desire to wrest Kashmir from India have both been harnessed to China's determination to weaken India.

There is a historical continuity to this. Even Sheikh Abdullah acknowledged to his biographer that Britain's great game to take control of Gilgit lurked in the background of Kashmir's uprising in 1931. But since 2008, Kashmir has again become a vital battleground, as the world's two most populous countries deal with the 21st century.

Having ignored the connections between this triad of threats to national security and integrity (China, Pakitan and Kashmiri street rage) for far too long, the government must work overtime to absorb the big picture now. Their starting point should be that the endgame for both Pakistan and for Kashmiri separatists involves China.