Kim Kardashian criticized over photoshopping her kids in 2019 Christmas card

Posted In: News Date:Dec 15th, 2019

Kim Kardashian, fashion icon and mother of four recently received a large amount of criticism due to a recent Christmas card picture she uploaded to her personal Instagram account. The star was bashed by fans over allegations that she used Photoshop to edit her children in the photo.

The reason the star was in trouble over this was due to a theory which a fan pointed out in the comment section that it was "close to impossible" to have all of her four children pose still for a picture and have them "acting right and still." reported the initial story, stating that Kim and her children were sitting on the stairs while Kanye had Chicago West in her arms. Chicago and Psalm donned the same grey jumpsuit, each cuddled up in their parents arms.

The slew of comments came flooding in as Kim posted and captioned the picture, "The West Family Christmas Card 2019."

Fans turned to eagle eyed detectives, scanning every nook and cranny, in an attempt to find evidence of photoshop in the picture. "Who photoshopped north in? The lighting looks... different," a user wrote.

Another commented, "I was looking for this comment, this deff looks photoshopped." One user inquired, "Why all the kids look like stickers?"

Some other stated, "I think they are photoshopped lol no joke if you look closer you can tell." One fan was extremely certain at his deduction and went onto say, "This is 100% an edited photo I'm surprised more people haven't said this."